As we begin to see schools become more technologically advanced, methods of learning begin to change. Teaching against the norm of traditional ways and beginning to use technology allows educators to expand their ideas beyond the standard curriculum.

Gaining these technologies allows us to expand our knowledge as teachers and create safe environments for children on the computer and Internet. It opens new types of learning and empowers teachers, as it allows us to learn more with fewer resources. A lot of technology requires ‘learning by doing’, which helps students understand the importance of material being taught. At the same time, in encourages student interaction rather than isolation, and a place where they can collaborate and share ideas.

Tensions that could occur when using technology in the classroom are that teachers may feel that they don’t have the time or proper technology in order to facilitate learning. If new technology is brought into the classroom, it can become a source of frustration for teachers and students who do not know how to operate the technology properly.