When I first learned I had the opportunity to be actively engaged in a learning project for my online ECMP355 class, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The learning project could be anything that we wanted to learn, but it had to be complex, worth learning, and of great interest to you.

In the fall, I decided that I wanted to take up the sport of archery because it looked fun,  challenging and rewarding. My goal was to begin learning archery in the spring when the weather was nicer, however I have decided to begin now.


My knowledge of archery is minimal. I have used a small plastic bow and arrow maybe once or twice in my life at camp when I was young- shooting at bales. I recently took my hunters safety course, and although there is a section on archery and shooting with a bow, it was not as relevant to the course as other areas. I have attended archery events in the past, so I have acquired some knowledge about the skills, form and technique required.

Future Goals:

  • Knowing about different types of bows and arrows and what is most suitable for me
  • Learn about the different components of the bow and arrows
  • Learning the proper shooting form
  • Learning how to aim, set, release and follow-through.
  • Hitting multiple targets at different ranges
  • Knowing and teaching others about the safety of using a bow and arrow
  • Consulting with professional archers and learning about different perspectives and knowledge of the sport
  • Participate in an archery event