Hi! I’m Kerrie Craske. I am in my fourth and final year of University in the Elementary (PreK-5) program at the University of Regina. I recently completed my internship in Yorkton, SK in a grade 1 and grade ½ classroom.

I grew up in small town Preeceville, SK with my brothers and parents. I really enjoy music and growing up I had the opportunity to play piano and obtain my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory Piano certificate, which has enabled me to teach students of my own. I was involved in curling and badminton and I recently helped coach cross-country during internship which I really enjoyed! I have a passion for the outdoors. I enjoy anything that has to do with nature and travelling, including fishing, hiking, camping and exploring new places. I want to continue to expand on my love for the outdoors, which is why I am learning the sport of archery for my ECMP 355 Learning Project.

I began developing my Professional Learning Network a few years ago in ECS 210 through creating this blog. I didn’t continue it, however I am excited to use it again to connect with other educators and professionals.

In my internship at Yorkdale Central School, I was provided the opportunity to use various technology tools in my teaching. Here I learned that technology can be a very beneficial tool in the classroom when used appropriately. My students had the opportunity to learn about safely sharing their work in an online space through Kidblog. Facebook was used as a communication tool for parents to see what their children were learning each day. iPad’s were used for literacy and numeracy development from apps like RazKids and Mathletics.

I believe that technology is a tool that needs to work with curriculum, and not take priority over it. Curriculum is highest in importance, and if a technological tool is available to support that curriculum then that is an asset. Technology allows for us to ask questions about almost anything and it provides us with an answer. I think that there also needs to be equal opportunities for students to learn in a natural environment where they can explore and discover the world they live in.

What do you think about the use of technology in the classroom? Do you believe that there needs to be a balance between a technological environment and natural environment for students?