I recently just received my first bow and arrows! Below is a simple compound bow that I will be using without the additional features like a sight. My boyfriend and his family have done archery for most of their lives, so it is with them where I will gain a lot of my practical experiences.

Living in Regina in the winter is somewhat difficult for practicing, however I am looking for indoor practicing ranges and I will practice when I go outside of the city for safety purposes!

A while back, I took my Hunter’s Safety Course online. I remembered there was a whole chapter  on Archery, however I did not pay much attention to it because it was not my main focus at the time. I went back to the course page and was excited that I could still access my course to refer to any material that I previously learned.

I am using this Course now as a means of online learning. The chapter on Archery highlights archery gear, archery safety, different types of bows and arrows, and how to properly shoot a bow.

My critique of this online course is that overall it is very beneficial, especially for an independent learner. If you like group learning and asking questions, I would recommend taking this course in person. I really enjoyed taking it online because I could access it at any time. The material is presented very concisely and with lots of visuals, diagrams and virtual experiences. I particularly like the audio option where you can listen to someone reading you the information or you can read it yourself. My favourite part about this online Hunter’s Safety Course is that it allowed me to go back and access the course that I signed up for a long time ago.

This week, I started learning about different parts of the bow string and bow to help me gain a better understanding of what I am using. Next, I will be learning about the different parts of an arrow to help me understand what I will be using during my hands on experience.