I have recently began expanding my Professional Learning Network on Twitter by following educational accounts. I have discovered an interest in accounts that encompass knowledge on the future of education and the evolution of teaching and learning.

The other day I came across MindShift on Twitter, which I will be talking more about in this blog. MindShift is accessible on twitter which also led me to their blog. Katrina Schwartz is a contributor to MindShift and a staff writer for their blog. I have already gained a lot of knowledge and resources from viewing it. MindShift wants to develop an insight into future education for lifelong educators. It has an endless amount of topics, some of which encompass digital tools, culture, new innovations, and personal stories. Below I will share a little about some aspects of the blog.

Growth Mindset

This provides opportunities for teachers to grow in their learning and understanding of education. One blog I enjoyed that relates to technology is about ClassDojo and its benefits for students. It engages students in the classroom and reinforces positive behaviour. I have never used it a classroom before, but I think it would be a unique tool to try out. I just discovered it has 40 different language translations- which is great in having parents of our multicultural society become a part of their children’s experiences at school.

Games and Learning

With our technological society growing each day, I think it is important to integrate technology into the classroom, but only at appropriate times. This area of the blog demonstrates how to integrate different games into student learning while still following curriculum. It is interesting to see the reasoning of how some of these games can enhance student learning. I particularly found this read valuable. Be sure to read about the 7 components of game-play that fit into curriculum.

I now look forward to continuing to read this blog and Twitter and discover new valuable resources and opinions to help shape my professional learning as a lifelong learner!