After recently filming myself practicing archery, I have been reviewing the videos and wondering how I could make improvements. I realized that I needed to compare my skill level with that of someone else’s, so off I went to Youtube!

There are numerous instructional videos that I came across on how to use different bows appropriately. It was interesting to see the different perspectives of videos developed to capture people’s attention; some funny, serious or animated.

I will admit I got a little sidetracked and engrossed into Youtube. I like Youtube as a search tool for videos, however I wish there was an option to select what type of videos would come up on the side as videos to watch next. I know some stay on topic of what you searched, but I noticed myself beginning to watch completely off topic videos.

After numerous viewings, I found a great video that helped me compare my archery skills to that of a more advanced archer.

My review on How to Shoot a Compound BowScreen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.17.15 PM


  • quick and to the point
  • visually appealing and captures attention
  • multiple angles and up close demonstrations


  • presenter is not actually doing the talking (voice over)

Where I’m At:

Please check out my video on My First Attempts at Archery on Youtube! This was my first time using iMovie and I did it without any help. I also used the slow-motion option on my camera for me to really see my form, stance and grip of the bow. Each clip shows a progression of my skill- the first clip was my very first shot and the last clip my was my last practice shot for the day.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.40.23 PM
Check out my first attempts!

What Did I Learn?

I noticed I was shaky, due to me extending my left arm too much. Based off of the video I watched on “How to Shoot a Compound Bow”, I learned that it is important to not grip the bow too hard with the left hand, it should be fully open and relaxed…whoops! I was gripping it so hard. I also learned that I was not pulling the bow string back far enough. The anchor point is where your shooting hand rests against the cheek or jaw. It is beneficial to have the bow string drawn back to the same spot each time. I was so nervous the string would hit my face I kept on pulling it at different lengths. Now I know it is safe and the appropriate way.

If you have any feedback or tips on archery, I’d love to hear them!