Technology will always continue to evolve and provide us with new opportunities to grow, learn and connect. Who knew our 21st century would become so technologically advanced?

I believe creating a digital identity online as an educator is important. It is just as important to teach our students how to develop safe and positive digital identities. I have never thought about developing a digital portfolio online, but as this article by education reporter Kristin Rushowy suggest, it is now becoming a trend and almost a necessity. Social media allows us to connect with people to share thoughts, knowledge, achievements, opinions and experiences. This article mentions having an online presence is important as an educator. I have already begun developing my online identity throughout the following:

Do you have any other recommendations on where I can expand my digital identity?

Digital Identity as an Educator:

I recently found a resource called Building and Keeping A Positive Digital Identity. I discovered that as educators, we need to have an online identity that is open, positive and professional. The resource discusses some things to remember when building a digital identity. Here are a few of my favourite:

  • check your online profile regularly and keep it active
  • understand the need-to-know basis (do your viewers really need to know what you are positing?)
  • become educated and up-to-date with new technologies
  • follow the STEP approach (see below)
  • assume that your digital footprint lasts forever

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.25.14 PM

Teachers are role models. It is crucial that through our own digital identity we can model  how to build responsible and appropriate online spaces for our students to learn from.

Digital Identity as a Student:

The Faculty of Educations News Blog from the University of Regina shared a blog involving professor Dr. Alec Couros and sessional instructor Katia Hildebrandt. It discusses how many opportunities technology opens for us, along with the issues that may form around digital citizenship, including cyberbullying. How do you think we deal can deal with cyberbullying not only in schools, but more importantly outside of schools? I am interested in reading the publication Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools, to further develop my understanding of teaching digital citizenship.

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I want to share this final resource as I think it will help educators to help their students develop digital portfolios. Getting Smart shares 8 tools that can be used by students to create digital portfolios so they can share their best work and learning experiences.

Let me know if you have used any of these digital portfolio tools, I would love to hear feedback on them!