I frequently drive long distances on the weekend, and I often think about all the homework I should be doing or get bored listening to the radio. I now found a way that I can learn while driving!

I wanted to look into new ways I could learn about archery and hear different perspectives of archers through the use of technology. I remembered back to when I used to listen to a podcast on Youtube about living a positive lifestyle. I looked into more about podcasts and found some helpful information. I learned that podcasts are now becoming a more popular trend and people who podcast are really passionate about a particular subject. They are easy to download and are often free to listen to!

As part of my learning project, I wanted to find podcasts that talked about archery. After some research, I found The Best Bowhunting and Archery Podcasts. Through this, I had the opportunity to explore a variety of podcasts. Lots were based on bowhunting, and I wanted to find ones that talked about the techniques and skill of archery. Eventually I found Nock OnThe main host of this podcast is John Dudley. He often talks about how target archers can improve their skills.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.52.50 PM

I’m really enjoying some of his podcasts. I am able to select the ones that I want, download them onto my phone for free, and then listen to them as I drive. I have already listened to a few driving around the city and on my weekend trip. I’ve learned about how to stabilize the bow, how to maintain my release hand position, how to anchor my body, and how to perform bow maintenance.

I think podcasts are a great way to learn new information or just for enjoyment. They are basically accessible anywhere once downloaded, and I am able to stop and start listening to them without having to worry about losing them like I could a Youtube video.

I recommend looking up podcasts that highlight your learning projects or things that interest you. Let me know what you discover!