Do you remember doing KWL charts in school and even university? What do you KNOW, what do you WANT to know, and what did you LEARN? They were basic, got to the point, and had the opportunity to be a form of assessment of what students understood. While I was looking through my twitter feed the other day, I came across a different form of a KWL chart posted by Brian Aspinall. Its called the KWHLAQ chart.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.15.22 AM

I truly believe that our KWL chart use needs to be adapted for the 21st century. It is important to include:

How students will find out information? (this can lead to a lot of inquiry tasks or lessons)

What action will you take? (this allows students to demonstrate what they have learned to someone else, develop new ideas or to develop what they have learned into something like an action project)

What further questions do you have? (it is important for students to be reflective and they can use technology or collaborate with others to discover answers to unanswered questions)

I am wondering if anyone has seen or implemented this type of chart into the classroom? If not, would you use it in the classroom? Why or why not?