Is learning archery on the Internet ideal? Not really. Has it been an interesting experience so far? You bet! When I first chose archery as my learning experience, I was a little worried about how much I would find online, as its quite a hands on sport. Being able to do this project online has allowed me to really expand my knowledge on technology and dig deep into what tools are available online.

I wanted to see what other resources I could look into in regards to technology. This week I chose to focus on articles.

In A Beginners Guide to Archery by Jemima Kiss, she talked about her experiences with archery that I can now resonate with.

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– Jemima Kiss

I find that I need a constant reminder about the steps to follow when doing archery. Learn Archery reviewed those steps with me with great visuals to help me understand exactly what I need to be doing.

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Among my research, I came across an interesting article from the New York Times. The Odds Are Ever in Their Favour mentions that ever since The Hunger Games came out, more young girls have been interested in archery and joining the sport. Archery has become a popular trend, even beyond practicing to compete.

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Courtney Rubin

Oh! And about last weeks blog revealing the truth behind the “golden bow”. Thanks to Carli Cooper and Shelby King for taking a guess. This bow was earned by my boyfriend’s sister. Only people who have won 1st place in a national championship in National Archery in the Schools Program receive it. I thought this was an interesting fact, and it related back to my previous post about NASP and the benefits of archery in schools.