I want to learn everyday along side my students. Whether it is learning how to better introduce subject material, learning a new form of assessment, or learning a new classroom management strategy, I want to continue to learn. I know I will be exposed to new situations and experiences every day. The joy of being a teacher is that no two days in the classroom will ever be the same. I need to learn to adapt to this thought, as most of my life has been simple and constructed. Through teaching, I will learn a lot about myself. At times, I will have to step out of my comfort zone and learn about the full potential that I have as an educator.


I want to explore beyond the walls of the classroom. Students do not need to be in a school environment to learn. As being outdoors is my passion, I want to share this passion with my students. By going outdoors or on field trips, you can gain new perspectives on life and the world around you.  Life is a journey, and although I am not yet sure where it is taking me, I know that it will be fulfilling and experiential because I will be doing the two things I love; teaching and exploring.


I want to inspire my students to reach for their goals and beyond. I believe a key to helping students aspire to be their best is to truly listen to their stories, passions and goals. I need to inspire my students by being a positive role model. This may include encouraging students at a subject they don’t like, motivating students to participate, or inspire a new passion in a student like a new language, sport, dance or art. I know that many important decisions I have made in my life were done because of inspiration from other teachers. I want to pass this inspiration on to my students and continue the cycle of believing and achieving.


I want to change the course of education so it can be better adapted to each individual’s needs and learning styles. I want to change the ideology that education isn’t for everyone- each student deserve a quality education and a caring environment. Most importantly, in the evolving world we live in, I want to teach students that the change that is occurring around us needs to be dealt with. The young children I will teach are the future of our planet. I want to teach them the power of social justice and how to make a difference.