Who knew you could learn archery online… and be relatively successful with it! I have truly enjoyed my learning project experience and it is something I will continue on in the future.

My 4 key learning’s:

  • Be patient and reflective- To begin I was not seeing much progress. I began to be reflective on how much I was achieving, especially because archery was a new sport to me. I learned that success will only come with practice.
  • There is always room for growth- Archery is such a great sport for improving on. It allows you to continue to challenge yourself, whether it is increasing distance, draw weight, target size, or purpose of sport. You can never get bored of archery!
  • Seek sources online and offline- I never knew technology could be so helpful in teaching me about archery skills. I found endless resources including manuals, YouTube instructional videos, articles, podcasts, and archery safety guides just to name a few. It was also beneficial to meet with sources offline to help give verbal guidance and feedback at the exact time of learning.
  • Use additional technology to aid in your learning– Doing this project has taught me how to use other aspects of technology. This includes blogging about my progress in a creative and engaging way, using my digital camera, and developing YouTube videos on iMovie.

What I Achieved:

 I am happy to say that I achieved many of my goals from the beginning of my learning project that I had set out for myself.

  • Knowing about different types of bows- the most suitable bow for me was a simple compound bow- I still have the opportunity to add a release aid and sights.
  • Understanding proper shooting form and the steps to shooting an arrow- see my tutorial video here.
  • Learning about the different components of the bow from Hunters Safety and Youtube.
  • Hitting different targets at different ranges 
  • Being safe
  • Consulting with a longtime archer to hear perspectives.

The goals I would still like to achieve are:

  • Participating in an archery event (I hope to attend a 3D archery shoot close to my hometown this summer)
  • Adding a sight/release aid to my compound bow and increasing the draw weight.
  • Increasing my distance past 15 yards.
  • Talking and meeting with other archery professionals.


I put together a little video to show my growth and progress over the course of my learning project. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.01.17 PM.png
Link to video  

Recommendations for Learning Online:

  • Youtube was best online resource for learning a sport, but be selective! Some videos I found were so long and irrelevant. It’s important to find good followers like Howcast.
  • Articles were eye opening and helped me understand my learning experience better. They gave me different perspectives, and kept me up to date on the newest archery topics. Feedly was a great online tool in helping me find these articles. I also followed some archery accounts on Twitter.
  • “Other” resources like guides and manuals were great in guiding me in what to do. I really enjoyed my Saskatchewan Hunter’s Safety section of archery which walked me through step-to-step procedures. You have to be willing to search up anything and EXPLORE the web!