ECMP 355 has provided me with endless opportunities to connect with others, share ideas and resources, and contribute to others learning or ideas online.

All of this collaboration occurred on blogs, Twitter, the Google + community, and Zoom.

Engaging and Building on Blogs

Blogs were a way for us to really express ideas, opinions, learning’s and reflections on topics surrounding digital identity, online safety, digital tools and other resources. Blogging allowed us pre-service teachers to connect and be critical. It also allowed us to connect with others outside of the class. I used blogging previously in an ECS class, but I never had the full experience with it. Being able to comment, ask questions, and receive comments was uplifting and beneficial to learning new things.

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My stats on my blog.

Some of my favourite blogs posts involved sharing resources with others. This sparked communication, which demonstrated that my classmates were being critical and really thinking about what I wrote. These blogs include:

Some of the conversations I had on my blog posts or others blog posts really made me think critically about education and digital identity. One person I really connected and had great conversations with was Leanne Varley. We both have had similar experiences as pre-service teachers, and often questioned and praised one another’s thoughts or ideas.

blog being reflectiveM

I particularly felt like my blogs were being helpful to others when I began to get ping backs and mentioned in others blogs. When writing a post  The Legacy Continues, I asked questions and mentioned points that were relevant to others learning and understanding.

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Conversations & Connections on Twitter

Twitter is an online tool and resource that I thought I would never get into. The more I got involved with twitter, the more I enjoyed it. I particularly liked the fact that a lot of educators use twitter, and share resources, ideas and connect with one another. This encouraged me to share and engage my ideas- @misscraske.  Twitter is definitely something I will continue to use as an educator, to build my professional learning network and to engage and connect my students.

I kept track of my Twitter progress throughout my ECMP class.I only built this account in January.

  • On January 6th, I had 0 followers, 0 tweets.
  • On February 20th, I had 44 followers, 32 tweets.
  • On April 9th (today), I have 61 followers, 75 tweets.

I believe that this progress helps me see the professional community I am building and shows that I am tweeting consistently to share ideas and resources with others.

On January 28th and March 8th, I had the opportunity to participate in a twitter chat, with @STARS_Regina. We talked about mental health and Syrian refugees in schools. This allowed me to share ideas, resources and build connections with other educators.

I also found the importance of replying to others on Twitter to build better relationships, both inside and outside of the class. I had a cool experience connecting with @inmotionSK after commenting on one of their posts about physical activity in the classroom. They sent me a message and wanted me to try out exercise bikes in my own classroom!

twitter connect with othersM

One person I really enjoyed following outside of the class was Matthew Lynch. He always posted interesting and relevant educational articles or resources, that I often retweeted and shared with others in the ECMP class.

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Joining in on Google Plus

I believe that my classmates helped me on Google Plus more than I helped them. I found it important to share articles/resources that I wanted immediate feedback on, or didn’t really feel like blogging about. It was nice giving others the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives in a safe space so we could learn from one another. I also asked questions that other classmates may have had, which helped them in the learning process.


Lastly, I created a Google Docs highlighting my communications throughout the course, with reasoning as to how I believe I was helping others or building a professional learning network. Check out my Google Docs here.